In the name of God

Hello to dear memorizers of the Holy Quran

I want to discuss a very important point today which is that your pace of recitation in the repetition of the memorized verses should coordinate with the pace of remembrance in that Juz.

I mean if it’s fast or slow, and if you recite the memorized verses faster than reminding it may make mistakes and faults as much as possible and if you recite slower than reminding, Then, you will give your mind an opportunity to think irrelevant things and, in turn, it may cause trouble later.

It’s very notable to match the pace of recitation and the pace of real remembrance of the images and the meanings.
Of course, you’re not required to recite in standard pace, and everybody should imitate it It’s not really that.

It depends on the person and their pace in speaking their native language and how much they’ve memorized the Quran and how they concentrate and how many days elapsed since they memorized it and how much they are proficient in this regard, and more.

However, you can personally judge on your pace of recitation So that it won’t be too fast or slow So, like cars having manual gearbox in which the engine rpm should coordinate with the gearbox speed to engage gears and otherwise, the gears couldn’t engage well and it will make a bad sound in changing gear and then you have to reset it. It was an example, of course.

During recitation of Ajza and repetition of memorized verses, you should be careful to completely match the pace of recitation to the pace of real instantaneous remembrance if somebody doesn’t do it, I mean they read only and they don’t take care if their brain and remembrance of the memorized verses from conscious and unconscious parts of mind completely match to their pace of recitation or it’s too fast or slow.

The matter of calmness is another one which was discussed in another session it’s a different matter about concentration however, in the repetition of the memorized verses, many memorizers commonly either rush in recitation or read too slowly and the worst case is when they don’t coordinate remembrance with recitation.

In turn, it leads to stammer, mistake and fall in suspicion or confuse with similar ones, and more.

You’re not required to be too cautious Because it may cause slow reading and give your mind an opportunity to think some irrelevant things.

Today, I intend to tell you your pace of recitation should completely match to the pace of remembrance depending on Juz and how much time elapsed since you memorized it and, in short, how your feeling is now however, take care not to uncoordinate the pace of remembrance

Because, otherwise, it will be wearisome and it’ll make difficult repeat the memorized verses while making unconscious mistakes and if your pace of remembrance and recitation don’t match well, you may not remind the meanings at all I mean when you’re reciting,

You may properly recite a verse somewhere but haven’t understood it I mean you recited it well unconsciously or vice versa.
I mean, you wrongly recited a verse somewhere and haven’t understood it at all these are some basic and very important matters which should be considered well by teachers of the Quran memorization but also the Quran learners must take care not to recite too fast or too slow due to their memorization eagerness because both of them can make mistakes.

May you be protected under the patronage of the Quran.