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Visual Quran Memorization Training

✅ Instructor:Dr. Ali Rajabi, International Master
✅ Audience:All those interested in memorizing the Quran
(Ladies and gentlemen older than 8 years)
✅ Training Method:Using visual, vocal, and perceptual memories
✅ Course Level:Basic to Advanced
✅ Type of training:Online video workshops
✅ Number of sessions:25 sessions

What you’ll learn in this course

1) Designing an Easy and Persistent Path for Memorization of the Quran

At the beginning of the memorization process, the Quran learner is looking for a way to quickly experience attractive, easy, and lasting memorization. Unfortunately, many methods of memorization that we know are difficult, boring, and time-consuming, and this causes fatigue for the memorizer in the middle of the way. In the visual memorization course, due to the attractiveness of the memorization steps and the existence of a correct and basic structure resulting from years of experience in memorizing the Holy Quran, the Quran learner will experience lasting memorization.

  • Basic and step-by-step training from basic to advanced
  • Implementation of the Quran learner's road map based on their level
  • Removing obstacles and memorization problems with the help of memory treatment techniques
2) Requirements for memorization of the Holy Quran

One of the stages of memorizing the Quran is to know the additional but important principles which lead to improving the quality of memorization, enjoying the path of memorization, and avoiding confusion duringmemorization. Among the steps, the following can be mentioned:

  • Knowing the right place to memorize
  • The importance of proper time of memorization
  • Performing pre-study
  • Using proper version of the Quran
  • Etc.
3) Technical Points and the Importance of Visual Pre-study

As said, at the beginning of the course sessions, it tried to teach the Quran learners general and vital topics essential for memorization to avoid possible confusion at the beginning and to answer any questions the audience has. Among these critical points is basic pre-study training.

  • Basic pre-study points: The importance of correct reading
  • Tips for perceptual pre-study: the importance of contemplation before starting to memorize
4) Professional Memory Recognition and Strengthening Skills

Among the primary concerns of the memorizers is not having a proper understanding of their memory and, as a result, a lack of confidence in their memory and reaching sentences like “I can’t,” “I’m not strong,” “my memory is weak” and so on. These disturbing thoughts will be resolved during the course and by teaching the methods of recognizing and strengthening memory.

  • Knowing the dimensions and types of memory
  • Teaching basic memory-related skills
  • Professional memory enhancement skills
  • New and efficient skills to develop memory
  • How to categorize verses in memory
5) Specialized Methods of Increasing Concentration

One of the essential things always emphasized in doing anything correctly is having enough concentration to do it correctly. Strengthening attention in memorizing the Quran is one of the specialized and crucial matters taught in a series of sessions and with a particular method.

  • Learning the skills to increase concentration in the Quran memorization
  • Professional methods to control mental inputs
  • Efficient methods of increasing concentration and traffic of thoughts
6) Discovering Secrets and Perceptual Relationships Between the Endings of the Verses

Learning the meanings of the verses is one of the ways to avoid forgetting and making mistakes when remembering them. On the other hand, understanding the implications of the verses leads to the correct understanding of the Quran, and negligence in memorizing the final words of the verses causes confusion and many mistakes. There is always an interpretative relationship between the last words and the meaning of the verses.

  • Avoiding doubt at the end of the verses
  • Understanding the meanings and relationships between the ends of the verses
  • Deepening the meanings and discovering the secrets between the verses
  • Interpretive and conceptual recognition of verses and recording them with high-quality
7) Basic Methods for Repeating Memorizations

The memorizations are the same verses that have been memorized. Memorizers must keep these verses in mind and prevent them from being forgotten. There are specialized and basic methods to review and repeat memorizations, which we have taught comprehensively and entirely during the course. Consolidation of the verses increases self-confidence and records them in mind without any defects.

  • Knowing the best ways to review the verses
  • Teaching the correct methods of doing memorization assignments
  • Avoiding obsessions and additional repetitions by correctly engraving the verses
8) How to Categorize Verses in the Memory

Categorizing and organizing in doing all things creates a specific system and prevents possible dispersions. It is not easy to understand the meanings of the Quran due to the complexity and breadth of the senses. Therefore, we will categorize the verses with a specific system.

  • Record the route and the sketch of verses
  • Teaching how to segment verses
  • Sending, recording and correctly extracting verses from the mind
9) Worthy Skills for Enhancing the Mapping of the Verses in the Mind

One of the things that the memorizers will face during their memorization period is participating in Quranic meetings and competitions, and attending these circles means answering Quranic questions. Among the things that usually cause memorizers to make mistakes when answering questions are stress and anxiety in finding the correct place of the verses in mind. To solve this problem, which is very common among memorizers, we teach Quran learners the right navigation and mapping skills in a series of sessions.

  • Knowing the correct way of order and sequence of verses
  • Recognizing memory damage and fixing it, including sudden jumps in concentration in finding verses
  • Learning How to prevent forgetting the beginning of verses
  • Correcting the wrong or incomplete assumption of the correct arrangement of memorized verses
10) Effective Methods for Sending Verses to Short-term Memory and the Steps for Keeping Them in Long-term Memory

Mental inputs are initially placed in our short-term memory and will be forgotten if the basic rules of sending and recording them in the long-term memory are not implemented. To transfer verses from short-term memory to long-term memory and fix it in mind, a hierarchy must exist, and this work must be done repeatedly and by strengthening the memory.

  • Full understanding of short-term and long-term memory
  • Correct transfer of images and meanings to long-term memory
  • Recognizing the possible damage of short-term and long-term memory
11) Three-Dimensional Memorization of the Holy Quran: Visual, Vocal, and Perceptual

Memorizations enter the human mind and are stored in it in three ways: Through the eyes, which is visual memory. Auditory or vocal memory is related to what we hear, and perceptual memory is related to what we understand and perceive. We need to memorize the Quran to strengthen these three memories and learn how to interact with each other and use them optimally, which is taught professionally to Quran learners in this course.

  • Recognition of visual, vocal and perceptual memory
  • Enhancing and strengthening all three memories
  • Learning how to correctly use all three memories
12) How to Take Control of Visual Memory

What remains clear and transparent in the human mind is the same content engraved in the memory by the human eye. Humans usually forget the sound after a while, but the duration of images is much longer. If these images are reinforced in the memory for some time, they will be stabilized. Visual memorization of verses is based on this definition, which will be taught in a specialized way during the sessions.

  • Introduction to the skill of engraving the image of Quranic verses in the mind
  • Reinforcement and fixation of engraved verses
  • Accurate reading and drawing perceptual map
  • Correct use of visual memory and prevention of pressure on the mind
13) Recognizing the Causes of Forgetfulness and Doubts

At the end of memorizing each surah, in addition to the feeling of satisfaction, there is the worry of forgetting the memorized verses in the long run. This stress and anxiety cause a decrease in concentration in memorizing the following verses and surahs and creates obsession and doubt. Most of these cases are due to choosing the wrong method. In this course, we have fully dealt with and solved these issues.

  • Preventing and removing obsessions, doubts and anxieties of the path of memorization
  • Knowing the factors of forgetting and memory interactions
  • Preventing the accumulation of memorizations by providing the correct method of visual memorization
  • Providing solutions for managing mental doubts in the path of memorization
14) Time Management and Handling Other Daily Routines

One of the concerns of most people, which causes them to hesitate to start memorizing the Quran, is the lack of time and life concerns. Usually, this fear of starting to memorize the Quran is due to not having a regular program and not knowing a primary method. Fortunately, during the years of teaching the memorization of God’s Word, we have solved this concern of the memorizers by providing professional techniques and the principles of correct time management. In the visual memorization cour, Quran learners will experience an attractive and lasting memorization.

  • Proper time management
  • Correct, consistent and effective targeting techniques
  • Providing an easy, persistent and lasting path
Novel Memory Workshop

Teaching the Basics of Easy and Practical Memorization

Those interested in the Holy Quran memorization face some challenges at the beginning of the memorization path including: Where and how should I start memorizing the Quran? Do I have the strength and ability to memorize? What is the best and most lasting method of memorizing the Quran?
Now we have answered many of your mental confusions and concerns in our Quranic collection by presenting the novel memory workshop prepared and produced by Dr. Ali Rajabi, who ranked first in the world competition for memorizing the entire Holy Quran. By participating in this workshop, those interested will learn intensively the basics of memorizing the Quran in an easy, practical and lasting way, stepping into the field of the Quran memorization with a worthy perspective by knowing titles, headings and specialized steps, strengthening the visual, vocal and perceptual memory, as well as increasing concentration.
If you wish, you can purchase the 12-session Quran memorization course after watching the two free sessions of the mentioned workshop and begin your memorization journey professionally.

Records and Honors

Dr. Ali Rajabi, International Memorizer of the Holy Quran

  • 1st place in 2010 international competitions of Islamic Republic of Iran on memorization of the entire Quran
  • 1st holder of the first-class master's degree in memorizing the Holy Quran from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in 2008
  • Premium member of the National Elite Foundation
  • 29 years of teaching experience in memorizing the Holy Quran
  • 3rd place in the 2009 Jordanian world competition of memorizing the entire Holy Quran with commentary
  • 2nd place in 2001 Saudi Arabian World Championship
  • 1st place in the 1998 international competition of students of the Islamic world
Novel Memory Workshop
  • Correctly sending, recording and extracting verses from the mind
  • Three dimensional memorization of the Holy Quran (visual, vocal and perceptual)
  • Mapping, order and sequence of verses
  • Strengthening short-term and long-term memories
  • New and efficient skills to develop memory
  • Teaching basic memory-related skills
  • Introducing the skill of engraving images of the Quran verses in the mind
  • Knowing the dimensions and types of memory
  • Learning the skills to increase concentration in the Quran memorization
  • Taking control of metal inputs and thoughts
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Novel memory workshop
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Visual Quran Memorization Training
Visual Quran Memorization Training
Visual Quran Memorization Training
Visual Quran Memorization Training
Visual Quran Memorization Training
Visual Quran Memorization Training
لوگو موسسه قرآنی علیین

Live communication with Master Ali Rajabi

You can ask Dr. Rajabi through WhatsApp where necessary.


Question and answer

Given that I am employed and spend half the day at work, will I have the time to use this course?

Yes, this course is pre-recorded and available as video files, you will be able to use the course anytime and anywhere without any restrictions.

Is there any prerequisite or special expertise needed to participate in this course?

No, all classes are held remotely and online.

I used to memorize a few parts of the Holy Quran, but unfortunately I forgot the verses after a few years. Is this course suitable for me?

Yes, many memorizers suffer from memory problems and forget the verses after a while due to various reasons such as choosing the wrong memorization methods. Fortunately, in the method of memorizing the image of the Quran, you will memorize the Quran by using methods to strengthen memory and concentration.

My child is 6 years old, and I am interested in learning the Quran from this age. Is this course suitable for my child?

Our recommendation is to start memorizing the Quran from the age of 8 so that your child knows how to read and write. Of course, you can use our private courses for your children under 8 years old.