Easy, practical, and lasting memorization

Visual Quran Memorization Training


Proper, practical, and lasting memorization of the Holy Quran requires passing the basic to advanced course, correctly realizing the meanings, and correctly understanding the verses. Choosing a correct method will make the path easier and more attractive. The method of visual memorization of the Quran is a complete package for the basic memorization of verses and strengthening memory. This way, the verses of the Holy Quran are easily engraved on the memory and the person who memorizes them will experience an easy, persistent and lasting memorization.

  • Three dimensional memorization of verses
  • Trainings for strengthening memory
  • Simple and attractive path of memorization
  • Persistence of verses in the mind
  • Helping memory to develop
  • Practical and Systematic memorization

An introduction to

International Master of the Holy Quran Memorization

Dr. Ali Rajabi, the international memorizer of the Holy Quran, with more than 29 years of professional experience in teaching the visual memorization of the Quran, has a first-class professor’s degree. He has spent many years researching and teaching in the field of Quran memorization, inventing a different and practical style called Visual Quran Memorization. In this method, the memorizer will experience an easy, lasting and effective memorization by strengthening memory and sending verses to the mind through visual memory.
He is currently teaching the word of God through this website, relying on his 29 years of experience.

International Masters

حَمَلَةَ القُرآنِ في ظِلِّ اللّه‏ِ يَومَ لا ظِلَّ إلاّ ظِلُّهُ
On the day when there is no support except than that of God, the Quran memorizers are supported by Him.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Heavenly voices


Recitation of Masters

The Holy Quran is a reminder to those who fear (God)

Surah: Taha
Reciter: Master Qasim Moghaddami
Time: 23:13

The believer always remembers God

Surah: Ale-Imran
Reciter: Master Seyyed Javad Hosseini
Time: 42:46

The kingdom of universe is in God’s Hands

Surah: Al-Mulk
Reciter: Master Ali Rajabi
Time: 7:15

Learn the basic memory-related skills

Participate in Novel Memory Workshop

In this workshop, many questions and problems arising in the minds of the memorizers are discussed. By participating in this workshop, those interested will learn the basics of the Quran memorization intensively, stepping into the field of the Quran memorization with a worthy perspective by knowing titles, headings and specialized steps to strengthen memory and increase concentration.