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Quran Memorization Training based on Etching Pictures Method

Reading the Quran fluently

in 6 weeks (12 sessions)
The best method of memorizing

The Best
Method Of Memorizing

We should not memorize The Quran based on hearing memory, its memorization should be basically on Visual memory in an easy, stable, and enjoyable way. Enhance your memory skills and easily memorize The Holy Quran by attending Dr. Rajabi’s classes.

The kingdom of universe is in God’s Hands

Surah Almobarakah: Al Mulk
Reciter: Master Ali Rajabi
Duration: 7:58

The believer always remembers God

Surah Almobarakah: Ale Imran
Reciter: Master Seyed Javad Hosseini
Duration: 42:46

The Holy Quran is a reminder to those who fear (God)

Surah Almobarakah: Taha
Reciter: Master Ghasim Moghaddami
Duration: 23:13
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Quran memorizers are protected by the mercy of God and they are preservers of the light of God. 

The Holy Prophet Mohammad

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