In the name of God

Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you

One of the basic principles of the Quran memorization is to perceive the meanings.
It means, our mind can’t properly memorize those words whose meanings aren’t perceived well, however, all memorizers surely look at the translations during practice and pay attention to them, but I don’t mean reading the translation only.

I mean you should make a mental dynamic animation about the sequential translation of memorized verses indeed.

If I want to take an example, have you ever seen how the narrative verses are animated, especially those ones we’ve listened or watched their series in childhood, or they might be repeated several times like the story of Moses and his confrontation with Pharaoh and that episode in which the Pharaoh attempted to overcome Moses and he ordered the best conjurors to gather from outermost reaches of the country, which you surely know the remaining of this story.

And after that, he faced with Moses and the conjurors. In brief, the conjurors asked Moses “Do you begin first or us?” and he replied “You”.

In a word, the sequence of the confrontation between Moses and the conjurors which we remind and are mentioned in several places in the Holy Quran, however.

How will a dynamic animation appeared before your eyes as soon as you reach this sequence? and essentially, before reading those verses from memory only, you’ve arranged them based on their sequence and perception.

And so does the whole Quran, However, those verses you contemplated them better or you’d like them, or you could easily get their translations and they are not confused, those sequential verses would be loaded completely and step by step in mind.

A memorizer must be so clever that the memorized verses would be supported in several ways and wherever they happen to distract they can make and recite Arabic text by reminding the sequential translations or the sequential verses or bring them from memory and then recite them.

Now, if you want to set a good translation in your mind, one night before beginning the memorization procedure, by description and contemplation, in a mental rapture, and without any rushing, you should ponder [Sebahat] about the Holy verses.

Sebahat means flotation, a form of weightlessness or a state of inner contemplation and ponderation.
Because one of the important imperfections seen in reading translations during the memorization practice is skimming and rushing in reading.

If that’s not a problem so, why it’s directed by the Quran to think, ponder and contemplate.
And it’s essential to be set on our mind, heart and spirit these long translations. And you should read them several times, if needed.

You should find how many subjects are there on the page and how are the composition and the sequence of them.

It’s necessary to have a notebook and a pen to write down the important words and sort the subjects and acquire the skill for holding translation conference.
I will discuss the translation conference in another session and finally, you should reach a level in which, like throwing a bucket into the well to lift up water, which you’ve surely seen how continuously the rope is lifted up, the meanings would be continuously loaded in your mind and a dynamic animation of the translations would help you during memorization. And if you can’t do that, it’ll be so burdensome to remind, and it may be bothering.

This subject will be supplemented in the following discussions.

May you be successful.