In the name of Allah

Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you

The memorization of the Quran is like a light and being in the presence of the Quran and starting the process of the memorization is like getting light. In the opposite side, sins are like darkness and gloom.

If we want to make our heart, our mind and our existence do well inceptions in the memorization we should avoid committing sins as much as possible.

And we should know darkness and whiteness couldn’t gather. For example, consider a white blind as a pure heart which became fond of the Quran and committing a sin is like spilling a drop of blank ink on this white blind and marking some black spots on the whiteness.

So, one of the points related to the memory is when I’ve started this process, because of this favor granted by God, and I can be alive and live during this process, and I can be in the presence of the Quran for a short time, it’s better to get expanded this spirituality to night and day and as said in the Holy Quran, particularly I should try to avoid major sins.

Of course, I don’t mean the memorizer should be perfectly innocent. But I mean the memorizer should have needed abstinence and temperance for memorization of the Quran and shortly, it should supplement getting light.
And in between God and themselves, at the very beginning of the memorization, if they may commit some sinful habits, God forbid, For example, if they get used to backbiting, So, because of starting the Quran memorization, they should rue their sin and give it up in order to be granted no favor or less favor.

However, we’ve learned by our elders and our teachers that when we’re getting memorized, we should follow a lot of things in order to be blessed as much as possible and it won’t be troublesome.

And it may be overdone, I mean when in the middle of the process, you find out you haven’t no energy or that eagerness you did have before, you may find out you couldn’t practice several weeks, you should hesitate about something like this.

It means, the deprecation [Istighfar] surely is good and effective all the time and it always gives you favor However, if you happen to feel this sense of laxation and irresolution, I think you should take more advantage of memorization along with deprecation and penitence and should be careful, because this gathering of light and darkness won’t happen for real and it’s necessary to pay attention to it in the process of the memorization.

May you be protected under the patronage of the Quran and keep me in our prayers.