In the name of Allah

Hello to dear memorizers and future memorizers

Those who are at the memorization or want to start it, God willing

It’s so important to choose a good training team for a memorizer whether a general memorizer or those professional ones to try to take part in the competitions in this process, one of the improvement factors is the appointments which you make with your training team.

It’s exactly like sports such as Wrestling, Taekwondo, and some sports in which two rivals compete with each other I mean it’s not enough to practice by yourself or even hand over your memorized verses to another person.

No, there are some challenging practices which are in the competition form and are so different which some of the best ones are proposed in the following sessions. However, it’ll be so effective to choose a clever, well-ordered and hard-working training team and there will be training appointments two or three times a week. As I said, thanks to internet and online video calls, training appointments are made very easily and also they don’t need to be in person.

Of course, it’ll be better and very useful to make them in person, if possible. and one of the memorization basics is to practice with training team. I remember once I was watching wrestling training in the national Olympic Academy, in which the wrestlers were training very seriously like world competitions on different seats and two by two and according to their coach instructions.

Moreover, there were some coaches who were watching them they were really wrestling, they were advancing their training together, I mean.
So, pay attention to it because it’s not good at all to only practice and read lonely and separately and it’ll prevent mind mobility and on the other hand, when you have a rival who asks you and you could ask them that there are various practices to be proposed.

So, it makes more pleasant the memorization of the Quran and also has more competitive and dynamic effects and it could increase your concentration, I mean the competition could surely improve the concentration.

And it’s kind of simulation of the competition for yourself and you could compete two or three times a week. It’s ridiculous to think I have a punching bag and a guidebook and some CDs for training and I lonely practice as much as I could join the national team, it’s absurd.

In all artistic and scientific fields, and some skills such as memory-related activities there are some notable challenges and practices which performed two by two or even three by three, and simultaneously.

You should take it seriously and I hope you’ll see its outcomes, God willing However, some people get obsessed in this path and say for themselves when I’ve memorized 10 Juz and my classmate has memorized 18 Juz, for instance. What’s the problem?

You shouldn’t get obsessed as much as this I mean it’s not important to be left behind as much as a few Juz it’s not like everyone should have memorized 10 Juz for example, a memorizer of 15 Juz could compete with a memorizer of 25 Juz in terms of quality in similar Juz. However, they should make use of mutual practices which are beneficial for both.

This will have positive effects, but there shouldn’t be any notable difference between them in terms of quality so that anyone don’t act as receiver for other one, I mean the practices should be bilateral and competitive.

May you be protected and take your practices seriously.