In the name of God

Hello to dear memorizers and those interested in the Quran memorization

In order to increase concentration and optimize the centralization of conscious and unconscious during recitation, repetition and sending new verses to memory you should hand over your memorized verses. Of course, maybe you haven’t enough time and it may not be possible all the time.

I mean those people who memorize by themselves, they are mistaken. You should hand over your daily memorized verses.

The most recent memorized verses should be delivered a member of family or a Quranic friend, which it’s fortunately possible today thanks to online and video calls.
In the past, the memorizers were making their appointments by phone or were going home.
I mean, make use of these opportunities and consider someone to answer them whether by video call or practice with a member of family.

As long as you’re not challenged and do not hand over something and not be checked by someone you can’t get a good rating, and maybe you don’t realize your mistakes.

Furthermore, when you present your memorized verses to another person you couldn’t think a lot of irrelevant things and you will automatically practice a better concentration during memorization.

But when you practice by yourself, you may commit devilish acts, stay mum, and think an irrelevant thing for a few seconds but when a transferee sits across from you, they’ll say “what happened? where are you?” and they won’t let you be distracted for no reason.

Meantime, because you intend to present your memorized verses, and you want to show up your memorization quality you will automatically challenge yourself.

And these are the effects of handing over memorized verses to a member of family or friends and often, when you repeat your memorized verses and they’re checked by someone.

It has many-fold effect on memorization persistence there is no need for transferee to be memorizer. Rather, it’s enough for them to read fluently and be attentive during checkup they help you be more accurate in repeating the memorized verses.

And then, as said in hadith, “Illuminate your home by reciting the Holy Quran”.

It means, if there’s anybody at home who memorizes the Quran, the others should help them and take over their memorized verses. In this way, there will be a reward for them and also all members of family will become fond of the Quran memorization and recitation.

As another point, when you’re handing over, the transferee and you shouldn’t sit across from each other. Sit in the form of letter L.

I mean, when you are here as the person who hands over, the transferee should sit next to you, whether on your right or left.

As if you’re delivering a speech in a assembly hall in a contest, for example, or a public gathering and as if you’re orating your memorization for your imaginary speaker.

In short, it’s better for transferee as a person who’s checking to be out of range of vision which makes you less distracted than to be exactly across from you or page through across from you which makes you distracted for any reason.

Observe it surely.

The transferee must take care also not to bribe I mean the transferee shouldn’t give the correct answer whenever the memorizer makes a little mistake. This is kind of bribing the memory.

They should make sure to give an opportunity, stop and tell the memorizer to come back, And, in short, they shouldn’t quickly give the person who hands over the correct answer Because it makes lazy the memorizer’s memory. No, you should check only as the transferee.
Have you heard when Arabs say “a’ed” it means to come back or we would just say “Come back”.

May be protected under the patronage of the Quran and keep me in your prayers.