In the name of Allah

Hello to dear memorizers and those interested in the Quran memorization

The Holy Quran has an inherent musicality and harmonic language and while realizing it and observing the tone of speech heard on the Quran natural melody, it’s nice for a memorizer to try to enhance their vocal memory as much as possible, because this tone of speech is included in the memorized verses in the mind which is normally heard in the melody of different verses and in various forms and if we take advantage of it, we could enhance the stability of the vocal memory and this is one of the wonderful aspects of the Quran.
I mean the harmony of the language and while it’s not a poem it’s inherently harmonic, attractive and musical and also it’ll be so pleasant with reciting and reading. I mean, supposedly if the best reciter, someone like Abdul Basit, want to recite Nahj al-Balagha, which is very eloquent itself, instead of the Quran this recitation never will be like his recitation for Surah “Maryam” or “Al-Hashr”.

So, the inherent and nice music of the Quran partly lies in its verses musicality and maybe this is the reason why some of the polytheists who call the Prophet poet, made use of this nice tone and musicality of the Quran to make a disturbance among the people. Which make them believe that it’s like Modern Poetry.

However, the musicality of the Quran is really so harmonic and there is an inherent melody on it Even, sometimes there is such a arrangement of the letters like this

“Recitation of the Quran”

did you see that?

“Recitation of the Quran”

This means the melody of speech is really an attractive and sumptuous characteristic of the Quran verses. Now, I mean you should show this musicality while reciting I mean when we’re repeating and reviewing our memorizations, we should pay attention to it however, I don’t want to use the word “declamation”, I’m not sure whether the phrase of “nice lecture” is a good equivalent for it or not because this equivalent is not eligible for the Holy Quran.

However, we could make use of the melody of speech in the form of a nice declamation in order to make a stability and mobility in the access to the verse in our mind and the important point is that when we do it, there will be no distraction.
And it’ll have an inner strong effect on our latent vocal memory. it means, these musical repetitions will make ready our latent vocal memory.

There are very different and layer by layer existential things involved in the memorization. However, there are three main memories: visual, vocal and perceptual. Each one has its own components, namely conscious and unconscious, explicit and implicit (or latent).

And each one has its own details which if we could have them under our thumb, we’ll take more pleasure in memorization and we’ll have better proficiency.

So, pay attention to the musicality of the Quran and don’t read fast so that it’ll make a foul language and it’ll miss its musicality and try to exhibit this harmony in the form of nice lecture.

Because it makes the repetitions more attractive, and your unconscious would be less tired due to over-listening your voice. Because as the number of repetitions increases, especially when there are more segments, it may get your ear and mind tired, but if you’re attentive to the musicality of the language, as well as the meanings and images, you could take more pleasure in the presentation for yourself and listeners.

May you be protected under the patronage of the Quran.