In the name of Allah

Hello to dear memorizers of Quran and those are at memorization.

All birds need two wings to fly and they can’t fly with one wing only In turn, if a memorizer wants to mentally develop well, they need both of wings.

Now, carefully pay attention to this the memorizers generally don’t have one of those wings. It means, sometimes they have either this or the other.
The first wing is seriousness, hard-working and willpower. That is, you should practice seriously.

The second wing is to keep calmness in the practices. Usually, those who are struggling to memorize don’t maintain equilibrium. They are either too serious in this process and get nervous which could be counter-concentration itself.

However, it may shape in various forms or they may be so relaxed or slack in activity. These two cases should be balanced.

I mean you will be a good memorizer if you’re very diligent in your practices However, you should keep calmness and maintain your memory relaxation. especially in the Quran competitions, social gatherings, and important contests After all, I was in different local and cross-border competitions for years.

And you can successfully compete in the formal Quranic contests as your country representative If you’re serious and well-concentrated in the presentation and also can be calm and control your stress.

Have you ever memorized a verse, but you don’t remember it in a contest due to stress? This usually happens in the practice.
Some students say they properly read from memory at home, but they won’t remember what they memorized and get nervous in a public gathering.

This is because of not practicing well and moderately to be diligent or be calm or you do it conversely, what does it mean? It means when you’re alone or practice lonely, instead of practicing to be diligent or imagining you’re in a public gathering, or being before the master, or talking in a gathering and being diligent and well-concentrated, you are relaxed and may be distracted from everything.

Then, when you want to really perform in class, a contest or before your master, or an examination or so, you’re just going to practice to be calm there, so it’s not possible because you couldn’t hold the balance of the mind. When you haven’t rightly practiced, it’ll work conversely.

In fact, you will be a successful memorizer if you are alone, imagine you’re in a public gathering, or a contest, or a meeting hall or before the jury I mean you should be absolutely serious and formal.

On the other hand, when you are in class, or a contest or behind a microphone, you should prompt yourself and really pave the way as if you read the Quran by yourself. How were you well-concentrated or were attentive to the verse and their translation and were calm when you were alone, now it’s the same.

Usually, everybody behaves conversely, I mean they’ll get nervous when they’re in a gathering and on the other hand, when they’re alone, they’re so relaxed, distracted and thoughtless.

So, like a bird which needs two wings to fly, you should control your seriousness, and should also keep your mind relaxation.

Let see across the country, there is usually one of these cases, and going to extremes.
It means, many people have made their memory exhausted and have gone to extremes and hardly worked in the practice and were diligent intemperately, untimely and mistakenly as much as they’re not calm for now.

When I see them I say, do you believe that “verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” which means, our hearts will find comfort when we remind Allah.

And one of the names of the Quran is ‘Zikr’, as said in this verse. So, if a Muslim, let alone to a memorizer, is under stress and is disturbed, they must find comfort by being in the presence of the Quran.

How do you memorize the Quran, while after you’ve got it started, you’re disturbed? So, it’s evident you couldn’t control your mind properly. Unfortunately, many memorizers can’t properly manage their mind.

And they used to get nervous whenever they start memorization. In other words, they badly take something seriously and made some serious mistakes which disturbed their mind.

However, some people behave conversely it means they are too relaxed and sometimes they may find out they haven’t practiced for a week and they never mind it. Shortly, you should hold the balance between both cases in a proper way.

Especially whenever you should attend a contest, or formal examination or for being qualified for certification I mean a formal recitation and you’re going to show up your abilities. So you should be perfectly relaxed, concentrated and diligent.

I hope you will be diligent and serious, and you will find comfort in the Quran

I mean, you will really find heartfelt comfort in the Quran, Good luck.