In the name of Allah

Hello to dear memorizers and those interested in the Quran memorization

One notable indication in the process of practice, specially new learners and those are memorizing the first 10 Juz of the Quran is that they make sure to enjoy this process. Essentially, one indication showing one or two years later in this process in terms of quality, quantity, and memorization consistency in the mind, among many things, is whether I’m enjoying this process or the methods I apply or the practices and I’m enjoying all of them or not.

In fact, you could improve in some activity if you do it pleasurably.
Really, the successful memorizers are so.
Not somebody bound them to do something or they may be under constraint.

Whatever they do to increase spiritual, sentimental and memorial pleasure is essential and necessary to get memorized the Quran and whatever could make less pleasure for the memorizer in the practice could disturb the process and finally get bothered the unconscious or it could make an pseud-saturation in the memory and then will make you come to a stand, I mean you would initially get unstable and then come to a stand.

So, there are some indications available for your teacher whereby they could guess what will happen one or two years later with more than 90% probability and there are some personal indications which you could use them in daily practice.
One of the most important is that you should know you’re enjoying the process, repetitions and getting memorized.

Now, what we should do to take more pleasure in the middle of Quran memorization?
There are many points or matters we should know and follow to supplement the memorization pleasure.
A part of this pleasure is spiritual and the other is article of faith and our inner tenets That is, when we are in the presence of the Quran, we should know God is talking with us and we should make this feeling stronger and the other one is technical which we should learn how to concentrate, how to adjust our reading pace how much we should practice daily, how we should relax, among many things.

On the other hand, if you feel less mental pleasure during daily practice, because it’s generally believed that the Quran memorization is very difficult and burdensome, especially for those are out of this field No, if somebody really likes something and spends time on it, and learns that art or skill by practicing and eagerly does that, then they will be successful.

Yes, that’ it. Now, suppose that a youngster or your child is going to memorize the Quran as you like it, make sure to keep their pleasure high even by whatever you think it could encourage them and if you’re going to manage better yourself in terms of feeling, take care of this.
For example, perceptual orientations, interpretive studies and visually semantically deepening the memorization could make more pleasure in the process of memorization.

And if you don’t feel any pleasure or find it very boring, make sure to consult with a skilled master because there is something goes wrong.

but I’ve get memorized the Quran with a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from the very beginning to the end.
And someone like me would go on this process even if I was supposed to memorize 2 or 3 volumes of this book because I’d like it and all the time I was making more encouraging stimulants for myself.

May you be safe under the patronage of the Quran and tremendously enjoy it.