In the name of God

Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you

In order to have better concentration, as said before, after you’ve really appreciated it. I mean, after you’ve got how much concentration can increase your mental agility, and how much you can do more and better practices when you’re in right spirit and well-concentrated and can pay attention to this matter at first, you should do mental discharge.

It means before each part of practice, which may take half an hour or one hour, you should stay mum for 3 or 4 minutes and get ready to start.

Did you see runners when they stand along start line and wait for start command? You should sit in front of book stand or get ready in your intended position to practice or memorize, but shouldn’t start and then you should make a privacy in mind for a few minutes at first, you should think about what’s in your mind and if there is sometimes something bothering and lengthy because some concerns may have involved your mind for long, or they may show off in your mind for a while or maybe they are some of the irrelevant daily thoughts or some of the private concerns or regular or occupational concerns or related to your family or anything.

Provide a paper and a pen speak to your thoughts and write them down and tell them in your mind that you want to do a high-quality mental activity and now it’s not a good time to focus on you, discharge negative or bothering thoughts from your mind indeed.

These bothering thoughts may have different levels as said, they’re often very absurd, for example, you did watch news in a media like TV and its thought may show off in your mind and sometimes it may be an important occupational concern these concerns can be really like a hindrance.

So, after you’ve been determined to concentrate, you should repeat it in each part of practice concentrate for 3 or 4 minutes, find out what bothers you and discharge it or keep it away.

After you’ve done it, you should make spirituality and right spirit for yourself you can do that by Zekr or Iste’azeh, or by looking at the Quran text and the meanings of the verses you want to practice or memorize, or you can do that by Istiqfar.

I mean, it’s very profitable for a memorizer to practice being in right spirit when they want to start their practices and in each part of it and this supplements their concentrations indeed which they make use of them during practice in technical manner.

So, the first is to make serious attempt and intention to concentrate the second is to realize what bothers you and discharge it, which is so important and may increase mind mobility, and the third is to be in right spirit for a few minutes that everyone can have it in between God and themselves.

Did you not know it’s said in hadith that “If you wish God talk with you, get recited the Holy Quran.”

I mean, when you are reciting the Quran, you should know God is talking with your heart.
So, you should heighten your spirituality for yourself at that moment and start working with an absolutely refined sensation, attentively and with a great feeling, God willing.
I wish you would have a pleasant and persistent memorization.