In the name of God

Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you

One of the points related to concentration enhancement to be kept in mind and is very necessary is that as long as you haven’t properly memorized the page, you shouldn’t add a new page.

I mean, at first, ensure you’ve properly memorized the current page in terms of quality, It means to make sure you employed a good method and also the needed attachments which are from professional pre-studies, required visualizations, the procedure of engraving image, the process of reminding, sorting, mapping and needed practices.

Generally speaking, one of the reasons why some memorizers’ concentration is disturbed is that they’ve accumulated a huge volume of low-quality, unstable and disturbed memorized verses. No matter how long these memorized verses will be remained in memory, they will disturb your concentration all the time Because when you’re not dominant, when the new memorized verses add up, they are mixed up in mind.
And the similar ones would be confused with each other and so do the dissimilar ones.

And some sounds from last memorization may suspiciously be revived in mind in current memorization and it will be so bothering.
So, you must go forward confidently

As Imam Ali [PBUH] said, “Take steps firmly”.
It means it’s useless to take a step in an unstable manner because you think, for example, you’ve memorized 50 pages so far.
So, if you truly know this 50-page memorization needs waiting for 7 to 10 days and increasing concentration and quality level, you shouldn’t continue to memorize while you get carried away because otherwise, for example, if the quality level of your last 50-page memorization is 70 or 60%, they will totally get disturbed whenever you add new memorized pages.

Yes, it makes sense and not much complex it’s evident that you must consolidate your memorized verses and you should make sure of the memorized verses in terms of image transparency and intended oration-like tone of speech and then go to next page of course, this doesn’t mean it will be used as a justification to be lazy, not to plan, and not to memorize.

As I told before, you should keep a balance all the time. However, as I’ve seen among my clients during consultations, one of the reasons why their concentration get disturbed is that they have merely memorized and gone forward as if they wanted to show off their content of memorization. And that’s not true. They should be proud of quality at first, and then quantity.

If you don’t follow it, it will give rise to a lot of problems and happenings later which could disturb your memory.
Sometimes it’s necessary to stop memorization in the end of each Juz and half-Juz for 3 days or one week with the permission of your teacher.

And consolidate those memorized verses and then start new memorization Do this using interaction with your teacher and their advice too and shouldn’t do that in a self-centered manner and I hope you’ll use an experimental recognition to do that, God willing.

In short, when you read one page of your new memorized verses it shouldn’t be bothering to be worried about your last memorized verses.
Unfortunately, among clients and consultations, there are many people who complain about their memorized verses.

I mean they are sad or unhappy with it and on the other hand, they’d like to increase their memorized verses and hesitate about choosing one of them.

I mean their memorization is fundamentally faulty. Each memorizer should always be proud of good quality at first and then increase their memorization content. And the quality will be demanded by God.
However, theoretically, all people accept it. I mean, for example, if I ask “Is it better to memorize 10 Juz with a high quality, proficiency and dominance or 20 Juz which are up in the air.
All people reply “no, the first one is better”.
I mean that’s said in theory or in speech. But unfortunately, it’s converse in practice.

I wish you will take pleasure in the Quran memorization and may it be persistent.