In the name of Allah

Hello to those interested in memorizing the Quran and dear audience

Let me tell you that, the birth of memorization in mind should be principled from the beginning. The moments when I take the verses or send them to my memory, first short-term memory and then long-term memory these minutes are really considered golden minutes.

The way I interact in those minutes, would be effective in consequences, persistence of the memorization or instabilities which I may see them in the end for example, consider a mirror laying in the corner of the store and completely covered with dust.

So, suppose that this mirror is your initial memorization that is, the beginning of memorization and the happening occurred for the first time and suppose that you clean up that mirror which was dusted and this clean-up is considered your repetitions that you’re going to polish your memorized verses and now, suppose that, even though you did clean-up 100 times eventually, you couldn’t change its nature.

I mean, when you wipe it up, the beginning of the memorized verses just shows itself which was slight.

for example, it shows itself if it’s clear or if it’s wavy, it shows itself if it’s cracked or any problem, it shows itself, So, we should be very careful that at the moment we face the page for the first time to memorize which we call it the golden minute.

When we should put in place the best concentration and mind agility we shouldn’t perform in a distracted way and then say we repeat it again later there is no further time, meaning that everything which memorized, it’ll be fixed in mind which could not be eventually changed considerably.

I mean, the repetitions could cause it to be developed but if we’ve not memorized fundamentally from the beginning, eventually, it makes a different than the pages which memorized more accurately, or than the people who better did that.

Suppose that, once you were memorizing the page 8, you were fresh, energetic and you were performing well the methods and the memorized verses have given birth clearly on your mind but when you did it for page 9, you were sleepy or distracted, or had a weak translation practice and it wasn’t like yesterday to some extent but it had a good appearance, and eventually, you correctly read the page and you could get the highest mark.

Then, after a little time passed, for example one month, and both pages have been repeated, and now, you can correctly read both pages 8 and 9, but essentially, there will be a difference to 20 or 30 percent, then where will it show itself?

For example, once you don’t have enough time to repeat them for a while, the page 8 which memorized well in you mind will be forgotten later than the page 9 which was ignored to some extent.

As much as you refer to all your memorized verses, this rule I told before would apply.

I mean, on every page, the more the energy, concentration, accuracy and agility and read better the translation, and perform well the process, the better the persistence.

If you were slightly sleepy, distracted or had a mental stress, or kind of distracting, eventually you’ll experience a different quality.

So, in those golden minutes, when we face the page for the first time to get memorized, maybe we’ve seen or heard or read those verses in last recitation sessions for many times these experiences have no priority at the moment of memorization and when we see the verse to memorize, we should absolutely pay attention to the details, and we should know that it’ll be a backbone for the outcomes of the process.

As soon as we know, we will pay more attention and we won’t be hopeful for the further repetitions in the following days of course, the repetitions matter too for sending the material from short-term memory to long-term memory but I strongly believe that a good memorization should be well based from the beginning and if I take an example, consider a person who is born perfectly and the one who has a disability eventually, when the material is faulty, it may not be supplemented in the end.

And it won’t be a perfect one, even though it’s repaired many times. This was an example to take seriously the beginning of memorization and pay a lot of attention to it, God willing

May you be blessed and protected under the patronage of the Quran