In the name of God

Peace and mercy of God be upon you

In order to have great concentration in repeating your memorized verses, your tone of speech should be like an oration during recitation of verses because I believe that a memorizer should recite verses like an oration and eloquent lecture in the process of repetition and I don’t believe in melodious and Tartil-like recitation.

You should orate the verses and this oration causes higher concentration indeed for more accurate centralization on the images and the meanings.

Then, if you seek a better result from this, and want to get higher concentration, the tone of the meanings should be included in your oration.

Because some memorizers do recitation like a computer, monotonously, smoothly and without stress and intonation at this moment which I’m talking with you, I talk with stress and intonation and my tone of voice goes up and down and based on whatever I’m talking about,

I have an interrogative tone or an epical tone and there may be such tones somewhere like “Estehza” or “Tahakkom” and so forth, and also “Ta’ajjob” and any tone of speech which is needed during repetition.

The worst slippage which has unfortunately become so epidemic among the memorizers during repetition process is that they recite the verses very monotonously, inanimately and smoothly.

I mean their rhythm or tone of recitation is not eligible for the Holy Book you should recite the Quran in such a way that, I reminded of Imam Ali [PBUH] who said During recitation of the Quran, shouldn’t make attempt only to reach the end of Juz or Surah, Instead, you should get what you recited.

In slang, it’s said “reading by rote”. “Reading by rote” has no effect on memorization, repetition, or repeating the memorized verses.
And there may be no reason to flatter yourself on repeating 4 Juz, for example. No, it’s enough to repeat 2 Juz, but with a slower recitation and a stronger tone of oration and orate the verses for your imaginary speaker for real.

I mean, give a lecture like an eloquent speech or an oration Then, you will see it’s not possible to be distracted by unrelated things.

As you concentrated in order to orate the memorized verses and when you orate them, you will do yourself a favor and get concentrated your mind in intended way

As you see, when I recite with this tone, you will pay more attention as a listener and so do you while repeating shouldn’t recite smoothly, monotonously and colorless, like a computer.

Because there should be a tonality, a tone and a melody in any speech and you should show them in your recitation.

Of course, it should be so even in Tartil recitations which it’s called “the adaptation of tone and tonality with the meaning.”

which if it’s not included in recitation, it will be faulty and it causes distraction.

So, the point is that when you practice as a memorizer even by yourself your tone of speech should be like an oration as if you’re presenting the memorized verses in a public gathering.

What was happening when the holy verses were descending to the Prophet, a big gathering of Muslims was memorizing those verses at the moment.

It was surely because of the Prophet’s speech, or their sanctity and their connection with revelation and divine inspiration but be sure that was because of their tone of recitation and the tone of verses oration in that gathering, although many verses may have been descended to the Prophet on a trip or in the mosque and in different dispositions, as said in Quranic sciences.

And the Prophet’s tone of recitation inspired the audience so that they truly got memorized the holy verses.
So, you should recite like this as much as possible in order to be more effective in terms of concentration So, get memorized 2 Juz instead of 4 Juz But with a suitable tone of speech and a right oration Then, you will see its outcome and keep me in your prayers.

May be protected under the patronage of the Quran.