In the name of God

Today, I will discuss concentration control, concentration enhancement, and preventing distraction during presenting the memorized verses.

One notable point to achieve the best performance during repetition procedure in terms of concentration is to practice in the state of happiness and with heartfelt fondness. I mean there shouldn’t be any constraint and while reading the Holy Book, it should give you pleasure.

And you should provide what is needed to be in the presence of the Quran with joy and in cheerful disposition which is called heartfelt fondness in the religion.

Unfortunately, we see some clients who bind themselves so badly in the Quran memorization and finally, their pleasure and concentration will decrease.

In one day, not all hours are same and human being has different dispositions throughout a day. You should be attentive to this disposition in your practice.

It means, even if you’ve started repeating the memorized verses for a few minutes and sending new daily memorized ones to your memory, and then you would find it boring and you would not be in right spirit, it’s not problem.

You can close the Holy book and give it a kiss and then practice again half an hour or one hour later or in the evening, for example.
I mean make sure to have a minimum level of inner attractions or a standard level of heartfelt fondness Because some people think they should make themselves practice in any mood for enhancing their willpower or diligence.

I mean they can’t balance both of them It means a balance between diligence, willpower and discipline with good feeling, inner special mood and heartfelt fondness. Moreover, you should keep a balance.

It means you shouldn’t be neither chaotic, undisciplined and slattern in the practice and nor too severe, bothering and not to mind your inner disposition and make yourself compelled to do something all the time, this was the first point.

And second one is that if you want to have better feeling in the practice, you should rest before tiring.
The climbers have a same example like this “Always take a rest before get tired” This means never let yourself knocked up and then you say it’s over.

You shouldn’t be like this. Before 20 percent of your maximum mental power is remained you should rest for 15 to 20 minutes and relax your brain so that you have better performance. In short, make sure to be attentive to your mind.

I mean it shouldn’t like you want to rush or, your timing belt would be torn up. and it’s necessary to manage your mind with a good motivation and interest.

I hope you will be protected under the patronage of the Quran and take care of your inner dispositions.