In the name of Allah

Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you

Keeping the memorized verses is more important than the memorization itself.

Write this sentence with your handwriting and put it on your table so that you can see it for ever because keeping something which has been hardly memorized is more important than adding new memorized verses that’s the right interpretation for this sentence “keeping the memorized verses is more important than the memorization itself”.

So, some memorizers are inattentive to keeping their memorized verses, I mean, after several weeks, they may find out they haven’t repeated one Juz and they really needed it.

Of course, some memorizers are in consolidation level and maybe if they don’t read those memorized verses for a few months, their memorization quality won’t be affected at all.

Those who have a good method, they could reach this level. but normally, and those who have already begun this process and the new learners, should pay attention to keeping the quality of memorized verses.

Let me tell you about a empirical point I found out after teaching for many years how much a student may be lazy in their repetitions, whether inadvertently or intentionally and they may not correctly perform their repetitions, all of them would be accumulated and multiplied by many time in terms of energy, tolerance and time and finally, they should make up all of the time they didn’t spend and all of indolence.

So, it’s more bothering than to keep the memorized verses by a normal and easy repetition I mean, even in terms of time and energy, we should see if someone who left the memorization or doesn’t repeat well firstly, those memorized verses may disappear.

I mean they may be so weak that they need to be revived or repaired or re-created in mind and suppose that even though they couldn’t get this level, I mean if the situation isn’t terrible, so, those times they didn’t repeat the memorized verses.

I mean those few days and weeks and those hours, all of them are collected and multiplied by many times and then finally, they have to spend extra time to enhance quality with a big effort.

So, it’s the best decision to keep our memorized verses by repeating them normally with a reasonable and logical quality depending on our need.

So, make sure to write it and put it before your eyes that if I’ve got memorized 6 or 10 Juz so far, it’s my possession or blessing and I should take care of it. And this attentiveness to keeping the memorized verses is kind of appreciation of the Quran memorization blessing.

I mean, if someone appreciates their blessing, they surely take care of it if you are sometimes inattentive to keeping your memorization quality for one Juz, in fact you are ungrateful for it.

Keep in mind that, as is also known in Hadiths which you could study about it on internet, a Quran memorizer who doesn’t keep up their memorized verses, and miss them, they will be regretted the most on the Doomsday. Even, as noted in Hadiths, there will be no one who be regretted more than them.

Furthermore, no one is informed of their death, and God doesn’t inform any one in advance.

So, keep in mind that, if you got memorized 7 or 10 Juz and it has impaired, take care of it, however. I mean, it’s not eligible for Quran memorizer to ignore the memorization quality and wouldn’t pay attention to it and would miss it and finally would suffer a loss in hereafter and on the Doomsday.

So, pay attention to this matter and be grateful for this blessing, and

stay alive, and pay attention to keeping your memorization, God willing.