In the name of God

Hello to dear memorizers and I hope you’ll be protected

If a memorizer is inattentive during memorization and wrongly sends a final vowel or final vowels to their memory, meaning that they wrongly memorize final vowels. Because they can’t blame their memory, As it will bring back what you give it.

It’s said, “Each tree is known by its fruit.”

This means, if you give it water, for example, it will bring back water, or if you give it juice, it will bring back juice. Whatever you send to your memory, it will bring it back. So, pay much attention not to get them memorized wrongly.

It may look like a simple point. But unfortunately, it’s involved a lot of people.

Many people who are at the Quran memorization Not because they happen not to do fluent-reading well which it may be common for a few people, But because they didn’t have a good pre-study, or they’re not inattentive to final vowels during the Quran memorization or they don’t hand over their memorized verses when it’s over, I mean, they do memorization lonely and record a high grade themselves.

But they may have a few mistakes in terms of final vowels and they memorize them in this way. I mean there are some cases in which they have a good memory, and there are a few mistakes only in their memorization presentation, but they make mistakes in the memorization.

And they’ve been accumulated and when they memorize the whole Quran, they make a few mistakes per page, on average, or a lot of mistakes per Juz in terms of final vowels. Then, they can’t easily correct them.

It’s exactly like a bone which is impacted badly Then again, it will be sent for radiography and will be broken by a medical device and a platinum plate will be put in it.

It leads to many troubles to be impacted again and so do the final vowels which have been wrongly memorized and then you correct them.

In fact, in many cases related to the memorization and memory, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and final vowel is one of the important manifestations.

Then, you should pay much attention not to wrongly memorize the final vowels.

If you’re doubtful, even a bit, about correct reading or your concentration on final vowels, you can follow lines during listening to Tartil, for example, I mean, before memorization, listen one or two times to Tartil of that page not only listening, but also follow lines while listening and ensure you see correctly the final vowels and you didn’t see them mistakenly Or, orate [Iqra] it for your master or somebody who is proficient and memorized the entire Quran and ensure you didn’t make any fundamental mistake in realizing final vowels because it may be bothering later.

As I said before, this isn’t closely related to not having a good fluent reading because many memorizers have a good fluent reading, but they pay less or no attention to final vowels during memorizing them.

Although this not much scarce, there is an interesting case in which the memorizer has correctly memorized the final vowels but those final vowels will become wrong later in their mind I mean, they say they’ve correctly memorized them and were correctly reading them for two or three days, and they’re sure and there are some others who testify they hadn’t wrong final vowels during memorization or a few days later, but later on, a few final vowels have suddenly became wrong during practice and remained in this way however, it’s likely to happen.

Because there are some similar final vowels and also some sounds from last memorized verses After all, “To err is human”, although it’s not much likely, it may happen after correct memorization and it’s not impossible and you likely show or make final vowels mistakes after memorization indeed. However, I tell you again, if you get used to hand over your memorized verses everyday especially 10 days after memorization, you will make sure to correctly memorize the final vowels.

I mean, they’ve been given birth well and they aren’t wrong. So, take care of it, because you can’t blame your memory in these cases It will give back whatever you give it, if that was اِنه it gives back اِنه and if that was اَنه, it gives back اَنه.

Therefore, you should correctly send the final vowels So, be careful There is a method in which you can write your memorized verses for sake of precaution and put final vowels and then compare them with the Quran text that it causes to fix your memorization and it also verifies the final vowels.

Anyway, I hope you’ll properly memorize the verses of the Holy Quran because neither it’s eligible to make mistake in the final vowels and nor they won’t be easily corrected later.

May you be protected and make way, God willing.