In the name of God

Hello to dear memorizers and those are at the Quran memorization.

May you be successful, God willing.

It’s very important to pay attention to memory appetite during practices and daily memorization. In bad times, bad places, when you’re so tired, and your mind is not ready to take new memorized verses, you shouldn’t insist on daily practices.

On the other hand, based on our experiences, it’s recommended to memorize new verses when your memory is ready around the clock. Because there is a good memorization time for everyone when they can receive well and their memory appetite is better, I mean their memory can receive more of course, it varies by person and it’s not a specific time like 6am.

It depends on several factors such as daily responsibilities and involvements, age and season it even depends on your mood and your sleep conditions however, it’s strongly recommended to send new verses to memory in good times when your memory is ready to take.

Because when you send new verses in good times when memory is ready, It can unconsciously make a good memory appetite over time I mean the unconscious part of mind would receive better new verses.

And it doesn’t mean you should memorize based on a predetermined plan. So, it’s very notable to choose a good time to get done memorization and it shouldn’t change.
I mean, you shouldn’t get it done at 8am today, at 2 p.m tomorrow and so, it’s not right because this plan is harmful, and it may blot out your memory.
And it may disturb your concentration status You could choose it by yourself when you’re calm and in a good mood whether physically or mentally and you are well-concentrated and when you’re not tired, hungry, and you’re in a good physical status should choose it to send new verses to memory and memorize every day and keep it on. After a while, you will experience much more memory appetite and prehensibility.

One of the serious damages in the process of memorization which is common is disorder of daily memorization times.

Each memorizer should do various practices around the clock, but they shouldn’t do daily practices disorderly in different times keep in mind that during the Quran memorization, you should have a mind stability and relaxation and it surely depends on your spatial and temporal conditions and if you feel your mind is not ready you should hesitate about it, I mean it may not be a good time to you.

It may be required to try out two or three or even four different times for 5 or 6 days and then rate each one and put and fix the best time to memorize every day and don’t disturb this plan.

Moreover, keeping a fixed time for daily memorization can improve your willpower, and in turn improve concentration in mid-term also, it prevents possible irresolution and disorder, and it may lead to more favors in practice. I mean, it has abundant favors.

So, avoid choosing disorder or bad times.

May you be successful.