In the name of Allah

Hello to the present and future memorizers

May you be protected under the patronage of the Quran

Learning Tajweed, or Sawtullahn (Musical Recitation), or Tartil and so forth is not a precondition to memorize at all.

Unlike general conception, when we talk about Hafiz or Hefz, some people may think of Morattel or Tartil Reciter and musical recitation, or the knowledge of Tajweed and eloquence of speech, in fact, these two matters are distinct, and I mean they’re not preconditions.
Of course, it surely counts as a perfection for a memorizer to have Tartil or Tajweed done very well and it’s a nice happening.

But, when we are interested in the memorization and want to get it started, these aren’t preconditions to us as memorizers to make sure of taking courses of Tajweed for several months or years or learning Tartil, and then start memorization.

The Quran memorization is related to your memory, and you could get it done in the form of lecture or even by simple reading and it’s also valuable to learn the meanings and get them memorized and these are bound together in the people minds which, of course, it partly can be traced back to the type of the competitions in which the skills of Tartil and Tajweed count as preconditions.

I think it’s like a hurdle for many Muslims who want to get it memorized and enjoy accompanying with the Quran and, maybe they essentially have no vocal talent or
no motivation or interest in learning Tartil or Tajweed So, because I see some clients asking me during my consultations if they could be a Hafiz while they aren’t good in Tajweed or Tartil or haven’t a good voice.

I always answer them “definitely yes” and it’s not good to bind these skills together It’s like saying that we don’t recognize any calligrapher, unless they could play some musical instrument like Tar or Setar or so forth in addition to calligraphy and we count playing instrument as a precondition for calligraphy or vice versa. That’s not really right.

And at the forefront of the Islam as well as its history, there was no requirement for memorizers to be a good Reciter or new Morattel.

So, if you’re feeling you’re interested in the Quran memorization, but you have no interest or no time to learn Tajweed or Tartil, it doesn’t count as a fault to memorize the Holy Quran. And you needn’t to be worried about it.

However, it’s only necessary to take a good course and use a good method and learn by the experiences of a successful memorizer to develop your memory and not to get involved in some possible hurdles and mistakes which normally made in the process of memorization and, God willing, I hope you will thoroughly enjoy the Quran memorization.
Of course, after you’ve get memorized 4 or 5 Juz, it’s recommended to refer to Tartil tapes or courses if you have enough time and supplement your memorizations by this virtue.

May you be protected and progress under the patronage of the Quran.