In the name of Allah

Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you

We should appreciate the blessing of the Quran memorization, God willing and we will get more blessings by thanking it and we will take more advantages of divine blessings.

Each memorizer needs a notebook to write down the important mistakes meaning that, not all mistakes need be written down but there are some notable mistakes and they must be written down in the notebook and there are different kinds of methods to completely correct those mistakes which, although there isn’t enough time to discuss them.

I probably explain some of them in the supplementary discussions for now, I discuss the main subject the mistakes notebook must be available for the memorizer for further repetitions so that the memorizer could write down the important mistakes, and set a date for them and then review them and after reviewing several days, those mistakes would be collected and, of course, week by week, those ones collected in last months will be reviewed on a fixed day like Friday.

Now, which mistakes are considered important?

Here some different kinds of mistakes and errors are listed depending on composition and correction rate, or not correcting or the number of read lines or whether they were similar or not and how much they caused distortion and disturbance in the speech.

It’s very lengthy to talk about but, I present three very simple and general criteria so that you could see if your mistake is writable or important or it’s ignorable and not writable Once it’s so lengthy to properly remember that mistake, and it may be bothering to correct it, or it may not possible to correct it or it may be very lengthy to properly remember that phrase so, that mistake would be an important one.

and let me tell you that, if you could correct it immediately, it could be a stammer, I mean, you properly corrected it and there is no need to write it down unless the second case would be arisen, I mean it wasn’t so lengthy to correct it, but you made it in several words or a half line or a verse, so the content of mistake was high, despite of a quick correction, it’s considered important in terms of memorization, mental management, and, to put it simply, it counts as a bad blunder.

Let me tell you that, the first mistake or its type was such a way that maybe I didn’t make many mistakes, but it was bothering to correct and remember them or it took me a long time.

The second case is opposite of last one it may be corrected fast, but, in fact, the content of mistake was high and important.

The third mistake which is notable and should be written down, is a mistake which is a kind of transfer to similar one in far verses or it’s irrelevant in terms of meaning and it causes disturbance and distortion in speech.

It’s so important too, because it matters itself to properly make a mistake or to read it. Because some people misread the Quran in such a way that they make a wonder.
I mean, they have a strange recitation for themselves among the other ones and they bind some verses together or they unusually read similar verses.

So, these are considered important, and they must be written down

There is another point which will be supplemented in the following discussions the memorization mistake is inevitable for any beginner but it’s important not to get nervous, not to freak out and could correct it.
Yes, they shouldn’t cheat, they shouldn’t get nervous, or shouldn’t get stressed more, and they could calmly verify their concentration and correct it and manage it on their own, meaning that, some memorizers have such a bad characteristic that they get nervous once they made a mistake in recitation.

I mean, after they made it, they’ll be caught in a bad mental challenge and if they sometimes read properly, it would take them much energy that they won’t remember the following verses or get nervous so, we shouldn’t get nervous, meaning that we should manage it in adverse conditions which we talk more about it in the supplementary discussions Just know that, if you don’t have the mistakes notebook, and only do practice, you wouldn’t go forward.

This is important and you must write down the important mistakes with their dates, and there are some good methods to repair and consolidate which are explained later if there will be some enough time in the following discussions.