In the name of God

Hello to dear memorizers, the present and future memorizers

I remember once I’ve just begun the Quran memorization from 1st Juz like any memorizer, However, it’s very normal and I intend to talk about myself so that you know if you have this feeling, it’s quite normal.

Because when someone has memorized one or two Juz, they look at 27 or 29 Juz which are remained to be memorized and they say, “That’s a tall order”.

I mean they think they should do an impossible work.

But the Quran memorization would be really possible and lovely, if you do that orderly and diligently using a proper method and this auspicious happening will surely occur to you.

Today, I want to say if you experience instantaneous forgetfulness during the repetition procedure, that is, whenever your mind is wiped up and the remaining of the verse isn’t unwillingly loaded by mind Of course, it caused by different reasons and it could be prevented.

However, it’s likely to happen in the practice and during repetition and recitation you may hesitate about the remaining of the verse or the beginning of next verse or it may fade out.

It’s worst to cheat in such circumstances and look at the Quran at this moment. It makes your mind lazy and it’s like you pay your mind a visual backhander and you help somebody cheat indeed.

There are three recommendations which I will explain within remaining time so that you know what to do whenever you forget something.

You shouldn’t look at the text and you shouldn’t stumble or repeat something again and again I mean you should keep off these unacceptable behaviors: Looking quickly at the text, stumbling and asking someone or reading last words at once These are undesirable behaviors.
The first and best solution is to get it stopped and not to read anything.
It’s recommended to be quiet.

Think for 5 to 7 seconds or if it’s a similar verse or in the beginning of the page, think it for 10 seconds.
Think that voice or the meaning which you were reading in last half-line or last line, think it in mind only, not in speech.
Because speaking sometimes, of course often, gets in the way of reminding. and when you want to read and remind the verse, sometimes this reading may disturb our mind itself.

So, silence, concentration and thinking that part you were reading before are initially recommended.

“Recitation of the Quran”

It means whenever you reach something fishy, you should stop at first. and then think and try to remind the meanings, the images and the sequential verses in terms of their vocal succession. If you could remind them, well. Because sometimes you could remind the rest of the verse or subject by being quiet and thinking it.

If you couldn’t remind them, you’re not permitted to cheat and take a glance at the Holy Book and go forward, because it may give rise to memory weakness as if your memory muscles are weakened and lazy.
This time again, you’re not permitted to cheat.
Now, return to the last Waqf sign, if it’s about half-line or one line ahead, or return to the beginning of the verse, if it’s the same. and then read it again. While reading the verse, you should forget something.
What do you forget indeed? you should forget the forgetfulness of the rest of the verse. It means if you want to come back and read again the beginning of the verse while your mind is involved in the forgetfulness, this wastes your time.

In fact, your mind hasn’t come back to the beginning, and it’s stuck in the forgetfulness. So, you shouldn’t think the forgetfulness and should be perfectly relaxed and look the other way indeed.

Then, you should return to the beginning and last Waqf sign and read it again. This sequence of the verses or reading them again will bring out the remaining with an 80% chance.

I mean, the remaining of the verse will be recovered well you can try it and be sure to recover it with an 80% chance by applying my method.

Provided that relax your mind when it’s stuck somewhere and after 5 to 7 seconds, come back to Waqf sign which I mentioned before.

If you’ve done the latter and you wouldn’t remind the remaining with a 10 to 20% chance. It means you have a inherent fault or weakness here related to the memorization which you weren’t aware of it.

I mean you’re required to take the third measure here. First, you shouldn’t put stress on your mind anymore and shouldn’t take a glance at the Holy Book and this glance shouldn’t be secret so that you will keep it on.

Mend the memorized verses in mind I mean you should bind that part in your mind.
Look at it for a few seconds as if you’re teaching again your mind the images and the meanings and you make it locked in mind completely. And you read again that verse from a few words ahead.

In a word, take these three measures, namely staying mum, thinking, and after a few seconds, without putting excess stress which is wrong, restoring mind to a half-line or a line ahead for real.

Thus, you can remind the forgotten part of the verse at this point with a 80% chance and probably this 20% is due to having a weakness there which you weren’t aware of it. It means your memorization hadn’t been established well and you can write it down in your mistakes notebook and you should work on it so that it won’t happen later.

May be protected and progress under the patronage of the Quran