In the name of Allah

Hello to you dear memorizers

It’s so important to specify how much you should memorize every day. First, memorization process shouldn’t be discontinued.
That is, try so diligently to send new verses to your memory every day so that your mind won’t be inactive and remain its activity even by memorizing 5 or 10 lines or, if possible, one page, and I must say that it’s also important to specify your maximum daily memorization capacity.

Of course, it’s about some memorizers who get carried away in the process and want to memorize quickly or highly or specify a high content to memorize which is not possible for them.
Always give yourself a clearance up to 20 percent it shouldn’t be at the top of your maximum daily memorization capacity.

So, you can take more pleasure in memorizing the Quran and additionally, your mind will go better with you in mid-term.
However, everyone has their own capacity, and someone may easily memorize 3 pages everyday then, they’re proposed to memorize up to two pages a day, for example.

I mean, don’t get yourself into trouble so that you’ll be under constraint to stop it unconsciously. However, it’s firstly recommended to have a minimum memorization every day.

And send this minimum content to your mind at fixed time so that it increases your mind appetite which is discussed in the following sessions as much as we have time.
And never remain idle, so that you’ll find out after a while you didn’t do memorization for 4 days or a week, then, your mind would be inactive, and this may weaken your motivation or self-confidence.
So, each memorizer must plan in advance and take seriously their daily memorization and we believe that “a penny saved is a penny earned”, and finally the whole Quran will be memorized in this way.

One of the most common damages in this process which caused in the assignment of daily memorization capacity or the sequence of daily memorization and is unfortunately so common is discontinuation of daily practices.

The other one is any disturbance at the time of sending new verses to the mind which is also not good at all I will discuss for a session what will happen for our memory due to the latter damage.

Furthermore, one damage is caused whenever you memorize everyday more or less than yesterday. As I said before, you should memorize up to 80 percent of your maximum daily memorization capacity every day and should routinely send memorized verses to the mind.

Another damage which is common in the management of daily memorization capacity or sending new verses for everyday is that the time difference between the lowest and highest pace of daily memorization should be 20 percent at least at fixed content.

For example, specify how long it takes to memorize one page at best and with good concentration and then set this as a benchmark and how long it takes to memorize one page at worst shouldn’t be higher than 20 percent relative to the former.

Whenever you find out it takes 20 minutes to memorize one page and then another day it takes 45 minutes and another day it takes 50 minutes or so, it means the time difference of daily memorization at fixed content is higher than 20 percent of average capacity. That means you likely have concentration problems either you may had improper pre-study or your method is faulty So, daily memorization should have fixed time and time tolerance shouldn’t be obvious.

Good luck.