In the name of Allah

Hello to dear memorizers of the Quran, and I hope you will always improve in the Quran memorization, and you will memorize the entire Quran.

One of the important repetitions for memorizing the Quran which is very effective in quality improvement is pictorial repetition, which some refer to it as Visual Repetition.

The visual repetition has 36 or 37 tips to talk about, precisely in order to perform with the highest quality, and maybe we would have a chance to talk about it in following sessions but I should give a general explanation within this session.

I must say that visual repetition is not like skimming which I think I should open the book and read the Quran line by line and it would be visual repetition, no its name implies what it is. It’s the visual repetition.

what does it mean? it means the memorized verses should be repeated in my mind or brain and the images should be added by my eyes not that my eyes deceive me about what is in my conscious or unconscious or sometimes I may be distracted, or my eyes go ahead but my mind left behind or I ignore the nature of memory.

It’s not that, it’s just a simple transient reading, like skimming the visual repetition, which I myself was enjoying it in my memorization course and it was so efficient, even more than repeating from memory.

I mean it’ll reach a level where you can have more effectiveness by repeating images than even memorizing but there are 36 or 37 tips to be followed so that the great happening would occur.

Generally, you should know depending on how much you’ve memorized, the memorized verses should be visually re-explored at least two or three times a month you should open the holy text and in the form of the multidimensional study with closed lips, open eyes with an open memory and activated mental possessions and the lines should be followed by your eyes then you should pay attention to the meanings of the verses without focusing on the images that is, it would be a repetition-like and multi-purpose study that could intensely charge the memorizations and it could entirely enhance quality and persistence in the brain.

Perhaps some think it’s such a cheat when you read the text as a memorizer Or, for example, it causes brain idles. No, it’s not so.

The text of the Quran is already in your mind. and if you don’t visually repeat it, it’ll fade out and it’ll be dumb in such a way .
If so, it causes disturbance, and the similarities may be displaced.

Sometimes you might read the text and immediately fall into suspicion or maybe you would make a mistake and wouldn’t notice at all.

All of this can be traced back to blurring and pixelating the images of memorized verses in the brain so, make sure to pay attention to this matter and have a regular visual repetition plan and enjoy it, so that it causes memory warm-up and mind mobility.

It is also very important to match the speed of eyes and reminding so that your eyes doesn’t go fast and your mind lags behind or vice versa you should get the hang of it, so that you could do the visual repetition not just skimming and if you could get this level, you’ll conclude that you’ve presented the Juz from memory several times, and eventually you’ll experience it.

I’m trying to supplement the tips in the following sessions, God willing

May you be safe and progress under the patronage of the Quran.