In the name of God

Hello to dear memorizers of the Quran

Look, you must get done memorization well-concentrated and attentively in religious literature, there’s a phrase like “being in right spirit”.

If you sit in front of book stand [Rahl] while you’re disturbed and absent-minded and think relevant or irrelevant things, you’re not expected to reach a sumptuous result I mean, you will get the best result from spending time on the Quran memorization, if you have highest concentration during memorization.

It means, all existential things and all explicit and implicit centralizations and conscious and unconscious memories should come to work as seen commonly, there are many people who spend time on it.

I mean, they are eager and talented and spend time to memorize the Quran but they don’t reach their intended result or they complain at their absent-mindedness in repeating and sending new verses to mind.

The first step to improve your concentration is to intend it I mean when you’re in the presence of the Quran, you should intend to make your mind and your heart come to work because the Quran memorization is not a physical activity.

Suppose that you’re engaging in a physical activity like driving, for example, since it’s a physical activity anyway you may think a lot of things while driving in your path, but you do drive too.

However, the Quran memorization is an intellectual activity and when you’re sending the verses based on the existing method and then, you’re recording and engraving them in mind. You shouldn’t think anything, and you should concentrate on the image of the Quran script and the semantic concepts of the verses.
So, the first step is to intend it and the truth of your intention because when some people start their practice, they come to work in distracted way.

I mean they haven’t ever discharged their mind and they come to work only due to their eagerness and start their practices and they sometimes talk with others, people around them and their family in the middle of practice or they are at phone or there is an environmental noise.

The second step to increase concentration or, in fact, eliminate what disturbs concentration is to keep away what distracts you some of them are external and some others are internal which are explained in the following sessions, however.

But, to put it simply When you’re starting your practice right now, you should find what may show off in your mind before starting, for 3 or 4 minutes, think about what’s in your mind right now.

Truly, you may sometimes conclude that there are some absurd or nonsense things in your mind for example, you watched a TV series or a movie before and now some of their sequences appear before your eyes or maybe you were watching news one hour ago or you were at Instagram and now some topics appear before your eyes as soon as you think what’s in your mind and you intent to discharge it.

You can gradually achieve your goal I mean you should separate mind from nonsense things and make it come to work and the worst mistake is when you start working as soon as you sit down to start it.
Because, for their eagerness, some people open the Quran text to do a practice or send new verses to mind, for example, and then they start immediately.

You should know, if you don’t concentrate, during the Quran memorization which takes half an hour or one hour, for example unconscious absent-mindedness won’t let you be attentive.

Therefore, after you’ve intended to be well-concentrated there will be a lot of things to learn and the most important one is to think what’s in your mind right now and write down those disturbing thoughts on a paper which will be discussed completely in the following session and you should know if you control well your mind, your practices will be more effective.

May you be protected under the patronage of the Quran.