In the name of God

Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you

Not only you’re memorizing the Quran, but also the Quran keeps you protected in fact, the Quran memorization is like a life insurance someone who encourages themselves or their child to start memorization should know not only they are memorizing the Quran, but the Quran also keeps them protected.

And it happens to be the text of hadith from the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and it doesn’t count as compliment “those memorized the Quran are protected thanks to the Lord and they are dressed by divine light.”

It’s very important to know that during the Quran memorization the Quran is keeping you protected indeed because when you place yourself in a strong fortification and also under the patronage of the Quran,

It will protect you comprehensively I mean material and spiritual protection and in terms of memory, personality and cultivation and we hold ourselves indebted to the Quran as memorizers indeed.

I mean, during my life and also my friends and students’ ones, We’ve abundantly seen the Holy Quran really protected and satisfied the memorizers which it said in this regard “Will Allah not satisfy their servants”.

The greatest honor, credence and, of course, blessing is the gift of the Quran memorization. It’s said in hadith from the Prophet [PBUH] that “If someone who is memorizing the Quran think there is a favor greater than this, will humiliate what the Lord has honored. In fact, they haven’t understood what blessing God has granted them.
It’s profitable to appreciate the favor of the Quran memorization and be grateful and beholden to God and I tell it you as a point related to the memory Because it’s said in the Holy Quran

“If you appreciate your blessing and be grateful for it, you will enjoy more favors”

You shouldn’t have such a feeling during the Quran memorization or recitation that there’s a human on this hand and a book or a paper written by ink on the other hand, no it’s not really that.

As mentioned in Ahadith, on the Judgement Day, the Quran will appear like a beauty young and will help us So, the important point in the Quran memorization is that in order to get more favors, you should take seriously your spirituality during the memorization and be thankful for this blessing.

I always tell my students even though you could memorize one page only, Prostrate immediately to thank for it and say your prayers, if possible within your time. and they really give rise to more favors, and they will improve your concentration ability.

All of us hold ourselves indebted to the Quran as memorizers and God willing, you and, perhaps, those audience who have just started to memorize learn from me who served as an apprentice for the Quran in years that whenever you come in this path, the Quran keeps you protected more than you.

May you be protected, God willing.