In the name of Allah

Hello to dear memorizers and those interested in the Quran memorization

After you’ve properly set the translations on your mind and after ensuring there’s a dynamic animation of translation in mind about the subject of those verses you’re going to memorize and you properly did the contemplation, ponderation and arrangement of the translation, before sending the Arabic text of the verses to your mind.
It’s recommended to hold a translation conference with a member of family or your imaginary speaker I mean you should open the Arabic text of the Quran. However, it can be helpful to have the Persian text of the Quran beside that.

But I mean, before starting the memorization, you should explain the subject and the translation of the verses in a clear and eloquent style like a lecturer or someone who is teaching based on the Arabic text. And when you explain or teach this translation for a member of family or Quranic friend or, if there’s nobody, your imaginary speaker a good happening which will occurred in your unconscious at the moment is real memorization of those verses because memorizing something and setting something on memory are different.

The memorization is a process or method for arranging the verses in mind but as soon as you intend to explain those verses, and give a description about them, you will set those verses on memory unconsciously I mean this setting on memory helps that memorization that there are some methods related to memory and memorization to use.

In these points which I present you, the method of memorization isn’t taught indeed, rather, these are general points about the Quran memorization Of course, these points could be useful for any method you have, because there are a lot of common methods like them.

So, you should ensure the translation of the verses and the page you’re going to memorize has been set on memory and after you’ve ensured you can explain and give a description about them, and you can explain those verses like a lecturer.

Now you should open the Arabic text, though it could be useful to have the translated text beside it, no matter you cheat it several times, it’s like an open-book test.

Then, you should start translating and explaining a bit about the verses. Don’t confuse this with a literal translation or translating like subtitles.
Because after you’ve translated them in this way, they won’t be ambiguous.

In short, you explain it so that a member of family or the second person could get what the page or the verses are talking about. So, I don’t mean you should memorize the translation of the verses or literal translation.

Instead, this should be a combination of translation and explanation which shows your deep contemplation about the page meanings and with a loud sound which is so helpful. I mean when you explain the verses, it would supplement perceptual charge you know, you memorize with high quality if different things are perfect in mind.
It’s not repetition only, it’s not writing only, It’s not visual repetition only and It’s not question and answer only, Essentially, some memorizers have such a basic memorization imperfection that it won’t be well-consolidated as much as they mend or repeat it.

I hope your memorization quality will improve by following these points

May you be successful.