In the name of Allah

Hello to those interested in the Quran memorization and those are at it.

Let me tell you that, one of the notable plans for a memorizer is daily question and answer I mean, it’s not enough to only repeat the memorized verses and it won’t supplement your mental mapping.

If you want an agile and conscious mind to answer the questions except the repetition practices which are very different and you can take them from teachers, you should take daily tests at home.

It means daily question and answer about all memorized verses, which we call it master test, for example, if you’ve get memorized 7 Juz, the test should include it completely and so does for 12 Juz.

Normally, this test shall have 5-10 questions with 0.5-1 page per each one and it could help your mind get stronger and more active in mapping and supposedly if you want to merely repeat those verses, and have a few questions and answers during your weekly practice, essentially, despite of your proficiency, for Tartil Juz 12, for example, from its beginning to the end, if you could get mark 80 relative to 100, for instance, but due to not having question and answer, or those were few, if you’re asked from the middle of that Juz and a verse, maybe you couldn’t find it at all or get confused with somewhere else.
Or you may get overly bothered in a number of verses or in mapping verses in mind.
But there are different kinds of questions and answers, depending on mind readiness, memorization content, the memorizer purpose, whether they want to reach the consolidation level or practice to take part in competitions and get ready to it, and more.
However, this daily question and answer definitely supplements daily repetition practices and the other point is that you shouldn’t do question and answer in times of fatigue and unpreparedness. Try to do it in times of mind readiness to get fresh and have good feeling, Of course, if you’re going to take part in competitions, or professional activity in the Quran memorization field, then it’ll be the opposite.

I mean you should have question and answer all the time even though you’re sleepy to put high pressure on your mind under any circumstances and in order to develop your mapping absolutely and adequately.

Here’s some points are mentioned for better mapping and doing better question and answer at home which are for those promise to do and are attentive to it. For better mapping and faster finding your questions, pay attention to some details I mention.
Don’t make hurry to ask question.

It means, while answering a question asked by a member of family at home, or one of your classmates, don’t try to jump in the speech hastily or try to get it started fast.

No, get it done very calmly and listen carefully to the question and don’t insist to get it answered hastily Since when you are asked by somebody, your brain and memory stimulants come to act in order.

The vocal stimulant come to act at first I mean, your mental sounds are searched unconsciously and your brain searches fast the sound you heard in the first two or three words.

And maybe after one or two seconds, the images are added and if you know the translations of the memorized verses very well after you’ve been asked about a half line, and reading done, the subject comes to be reminded.
However, in order to find better the question, you should listen attentively, and shouldn’t hurry up.
Though there are a lot of matters which are not included in this session. However, I emphasize to have question and answer practice, and make sure to listen carefully the question even though you were dominant and found the question, there is no need to hurry and rush in.

Because it may cause less concentration in presenting that page. and then you may find out “haste make waste”.
I mean you found it well but because of rushing, you will stumble in the very first lines.
However, there are a lot of points to enhance your question-and-answer quality but I’ll try to explain my experiences during last tutorial courses and competitions in the following sessions.

May God preserve you.

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